“Activated carbon” is a carbon material with a highly developed specific surface area and porosity, and thus a high capacity to adsorb chemicals from gases and liquids.

Nowadays activated carbon is widely used in many industries and many areas of life.

Activated carbon appeared as a commercial product at the beginning of the 20th century. The need for effective filters for gas masks during the First World War had a great impact on the development of activated carbon production technology. The post-war period has brought
rapid growth in the industrial use of activated carbons, mainly in adsorption from the gas phase and for purification of liquids.

Today’s most common applications are:

We offer activated carbon in the form of:

As a standard, we offer activated carbon packed in 25 kg bags (delivered on pallets). Other forms of packaging are possible to discuss. Activated carbon is not suitable and intended for bulk shipment.

Activated carbon is not classified as hazardous to the environment. We offer a delivery service, including our own transport (depending on the quantity and destination).